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About Supreme Living

Residential Behavioral Health Services

In 2020 Supreme Living was the recipient of a Department of Commerce grant to renovate an existing office building for a 15-bed Enhanced Services Facility (ESF) located in Olympia, Washington.


A second Department of Commerce grant was awarded in the same year to build a 15-bed Residential Treatment Center (RTF) to provide Intensive Behavioral Health Treatment Services also located in Olympia, Washington.


In 2021 Supreme Living purchased a building in Tacoma, Washington which will house a 16-bed Residential Treatment Center (RTF) to provide Intensive Behavioral Health Treatment Services. 


Future plans include the development of Emergency Facilities for hard to place youth requiring night to night placement services in cooperation with the Department of Children, Youth & Families (DSHS).

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Meet The Supreme Living Team


Angela Photo.jpg

Angela Rinaldo

Owner & CEO

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Mike Baird

Owner & President

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Alyssa Arley

Owner & COO

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Mark Rogge

Owner & Dir. of Construction

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Jake Herigstad

Owner & Dir. of Development

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Nolan Rogge

Owner & Dir. of Development

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Brenda Rogge

Owner & CNA

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Nicole Muller

Program Admin Olympia 1


Rachel Hetrick

Dir. of Training & Compliance

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Dr. Jennifer Hurst

Program Administrator

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Diversity and Inclusion

Committee Principles

Share personal experiences honestly and acknowledge discomfort.


Uphold equity and social justice in all our policies and interactions.


Promote respect and understanding of each other.


Recognize the unique qualities of all individuals and build self-awareness.


Embrace diversity and inclusion, while appreciating human contrasts.


Mediate and resolve conflicts or misunderstandings that stem from cultural differences.


Encourage ethical practices in all our affairs.

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