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Job Openings

Supreme Living Washington has the following employment opportunities available at their residential care facilities. Please read the criteria below and apply via the submission box.

NAC (Nursing Assistant)

Supreme Living Washington would like to offer you the opportunity to support our nursing staff and our residents by providing quality care in a safe and home like environment. We would like Nursing Assistants with a passion for helping individuals with behavioral health conditions live in a community setting.


The NAC is responsible for giving personal care, following behavior plans, providing household services, and participating in identified individual care activities under the supervision of a licensed nurse. He or she understands the philosophy, purpose, policies and objectives, and standards of Supreme Living and provides care in conformance with these established standards and policies.

Specific Responsibilities 

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Mental Health Professional

At Supreme Living Washington our goal is to help individuals with Behavioral Health conditions to integrate safely into the community. We offer a comfortable home like setting with 24-hour support services. Our Behavioral Health specialists will provide our residents with a supportive environment to help them achieve their goal of community integration and best possible behavioral stability through assessments, counseling and tracking their progress.

Specific Responsibilities 

The Mental Health Professional is responsible for providing motivational counseling and casework services to residents. Responsibilities may include assessing patient's mental status
through interviews or observations and then developing services plans and making referrals to the appropriate services. They may also be required to provide crisis intervention services
to patients who are a danger to themselves or others. The Mental Health Professional monitor a residents’ progress and tracks his or her mental status.


Written documents must be kept for all resident interactions.

Registered Nurse (RN/LPN)

Nursing Staff at Supreme Living Washington will play a key role in providing efficient and compassionate care to our residents. We will have 24-hour nursing staff on site to assure our residents of the quality of care they can expect from Supreme Living. We are looking for RN/LPNs who are caring and passionate about their role in supporting our Behavioral Health residents to achieve their best possible outcomes for integrating into the community and personal success.


The Licensed Nurse is responsible for assessing and addressing health needs of individual client and implementing a nursing plan of care and behavior plan in conjunction with other interdisciplinary team members. The licensed nurse on duty is responsible for clinical oversight while on shift.

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